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*hugs to all*

We emailed Megs and talked to her about this awhile back, but here's the official announcement in case no one has our LJs friended. Eric & I basically are cutting back on a lot of RP, and leaving HLA is sad since we were here from the beginning of the re-boot. We were quite honored to be asked to join (especially for me to take over the role of Buffy since my Buffy is never asked to be anywhere *L*).

There are some great ideas for this game, and maybe there's another re-boot needed to get some wonderful new players.

We'll miss everything here (Spike/Fred friendship! Wes/Lilah snark!), but we're not dead. *L* So keep in touch!

Love, Jo & Eric (Buffy, Spike, Angel, Wesley, Gunn, and Roger)
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Thanks Megs, for the opportunity.


I'd like to thank you, Megs for the ooportunity to rp in Hellmouth_of_LA, but I am leaving the rpg least in the big game sense.

I had a good time doing the threads that I did and I wish everyone the best with all endeavors.

Thank you again for the privilege of allowing me to play here,
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Leave of Absence...

Except I don't know WHEN. *LOL* I'm sure by now, y'all know that Eric & I are expecting a little one soon (SOON!), but we aren't sure when that'll be. In case anyone didn't know, here's the heads-up. We'll call Megs ASAP and she can pass all the info onto y'all if you don't have our personal LJs friended.

(Cross-posted everywhere!!! Sorry!!!)

Jo (and obviously Eric! And soon-to-be Wesley!)
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I was trying to cap our William!Spike/Crazy!Gunn thread, which was why the silly ponce ran away. Do you want to end it? Do you want me to add another post onto it to cap it? Lemme know!


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A little vacation........

Hey everyone,

Jeff here, filling in for Jessie, as she has left for vacation and wanted me to let everyone know that Hamilton will be on hiatus until the 24th.

If there is a need to NPC Hamilton in her stead, then she is all for it.

I need vacation...LOL

Thank you.
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Announcement: HLA Plot Update

Hi everyone, by now we've had some characters starting to feel the effects of the Hellmouth's ominous sanity drain. People are starting to act a little out of character, or at least oddly in some way, maybe they are more emotional, or their insecurities are coming out, or they are just not repressing what they always did.
And it's gonna get a whole lot worse.

Right now we need everyone to ramp it up a notch.

The longer the hellmouth stays open the stronger its drain will be on everyone. So you all have permission to start increasing the whacky, but be aware that we don't want people to cotton on to the cause of the strange behavior just yet. Where's the fun in that?
For now it will probably just be people noticing that other people are not quite acting like themselves. ;)

Have fun with it people!! *hugs*
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Hey everyone I’m just letting you know that I am going to FL tomorrow morning and I will be there until the 23rd so I will be out of action for the most part until I get back. That's basically why I haven't posted yet here since I knew I was going to be going away so wouldn't be the best idea to start up a thread.

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Okay then! We have had a bit of a lull, followed by some awesome new additions to our cast (*welcomes Stephy and Jeff again*). We are currently smack dab in the middle of our Crazy! Hellmouth plot, with some of the characters starting to...well if not work out that something is wrong? Then at least that something isn't RIGHT. I am not going to bap anyone to post at this exact moment, because I have spoken to most of you and know that life has been wacky as of late. I just ask sweetly that when you DO have the time, you think of us and catch up in any thread you might be behind in. If something might be further extended, let me know and we can work around that.

As this current arc winds down, I will be talking to all of you to see what ideas anyone might want to explore next. We all decided before to be sort of 'episode' driven, so we will look to stick to that. I know that Amy has some ideas for her character, and that should come into play soon.

Love ya'll!!!!

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Hello, fellow hellmouther's in the city of Angel's! I'm Jeff, I'll be the new Charlie Gunn on the scene.

T/Y muh Megs for the invite and I look forward, to gettin' all hellmouth crazy with the rest of you!

So, without further ado, I am off to post the 'muscle with the lawyer implants'!

Contact Info:
Aim: spikexshanshu

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