Winifred Burkle (_fredless) wrote in hla_ooc,
Winifred Burkle

.........*sputter sputter*

There has been a bit of a lull in the game of late, which I sort of expected. Caat changes, illness, family illness and vacations have all come and gone. However, it feels like MOST of us are out and about again, so I just ask that everyone take a look at their character(s) and see how we can wrap up current threads, post into threads, ect to keep things moving. Ashy, if you happen to log on somewhere and see this, there looks to be a plan to tuck Conner away and keep him safe for ya! I will be getting Fred to her lab soon, and getting some goodness going in the way of autopsy. Ig ANYONE has any questions, or needs help working out some future potting/interaction with their character, please bap myself or Anne!

Anne is like, the most AWESOME plotter!

Thanks for all the hillarious Hellmouth effects!

I look forward to fun reading!
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