Winifred Burkle (_fredless) wrote in hla_ooc,
Winifred Burkle


Okay then! We have had a bit of a lull, followed by some awesome new additions to our cast (*welcomes Stephy and Jeff again*). We are currently smack dab in the middle of our Crazy! Hellmouth plot, with some of the characters starting to...well if not work out that something is wrong? Then at least that something isn't RIGHT. I am not going to bap anyone to post at this exact moment, because I have spoken to most of you and know that life has been wacky as of late. I just ask sweetly that when you DO have the time, you think of us and catch up in any thread you might be behind in. If something might be further extended, let me know and we can work around that.

As this current arc winds down, I will be talking to all of you to see what ideas anyone might want to explore next. We all decided before to be sort of 'episode' driven, so we will look to stick to that. I know that Amy has some ideas for her character, and that should come into play soon.

Love ya'll!!!!

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