da_lilah (da_lilah) wrote in hla_ooc,

Announcement: HLA Plot Update

Hi everyone, by now we've had some characters starting to feel the effects of the Hellmouth's ominous sanity drain. People are starting to act a little out of character, or at least oddly in some way, maybe they are more emotional, or their insecurities are coming out, or they are just not repressing what they always did.
And it's gonna get a whole lot worse.

Right now we need everyone to ramp it up a notch.

The longer the hellmouth stays open the stronger its drain will be on everyone. So you all have permission to start increasing the whacky, but be aware that we don't want people to cotton on to the cause of the strange behavior just yet. Where's the fun in that?
For now it will probably just be people noticing that other people are not quite acting like themselves. ;)

Have fun with it people!! *hugs*
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