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*hugs to all*

We emailed Megs and talked to her about this awhile back, but here's the official announcement in case no one has our LJs friended. Eric & I basically are cutting back on a lot of RP, and leaving HLA is sad since we were here from the beginning of the re-boot. We were quite honored to be asked to join (especially for me to take over the role of Buffy since my Buffy is never asked to be anywhere *L*).

There are some great ideas for this game, and maybe there's another re-boot needed to get some wonderful new players.

We'll miss everything here (Spike/Fred friendship! Wes/Lilah snark!), but we're not dead. *L* So keep in touch!

Love, Jo & Eric (Buffy, Spike, Angel, Wesley, Gunn, and Roger)
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