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Update from Anne


Just letting you know that my mum has finally departed, and I've had a couple of hectic long days at work, but I should be having FOUR days off as of this Sunday, so YAY! I should be back in the swing of things and catching up on all my threads. *hugs all around*

Anne <333
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First of all, I wanted to pat everyone on the back for the ensuing craziness! Each one of you has taken the Sanity Sucking! Hellmouth plot and made it your own. Just the threads so far have been amazing, and I love knowing there is more to come.

That said, it has been rather quiet the past week. I just wanted to assure everyone it was for a variety of RL reasons, and things should soon be picking up again. I have in the middle of a nine day stretch at work myself( _fredless dis_harmony), dark_welsey (Wes, Angel and the visiting Roger) is busy with school, m_hamilton(JessA Hamilton) just got back from Vegas Baby!

da_lilah Anne(Lilah and Darla) has vistors, Ashy (Connor) isn't feeling well. Thanks to everyone for keeping me up to date.

That said, LOVE the recent stuff guys. Keep it up!

Love, Megs
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I'm Officially Back!

Hi everyone.

Just wanted to let you guys know that I am officially back from vacation. I must say it was fun while it lasted. Oh how I miss Vegas already... Can't wait until I go back.

That said...

I will be posting Hamilton soon. Hopefully some time today or tomorrow. Is there anything that I should know so as far as plot go? Anything in particular? Let me know.


Jessie Angel
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I know you're busy right now, but in the interest of moving the SL for everyone else (I don't want to hold up characters), I'm going to have Spike *assmue* that Lilah told him how to get to Wesley's office. He can bitch him out then, and I believe after that Cordy/Fred are going to talk to him then.

(I'm not sure when the Lilah/Wes or the Roger/Wes will play, though, but as long as I can get Spike up hopefully stuff won't be held up anymore!)

Hope that's ok with you!!! If not I'll... delete. *L*

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(no subject)

Fast update on me. On new meds. Fever is holding steady as a low grade. I'm barely holding food down, but jello and Chicken soup are the current contenders.

I am ultimately brain dead. I've tried to do some tags and posts and it's useless. Until I am no longer feeling like a mack truck ran over me there is nothing I can do. Please pass the word around to anyone who isn't friended by me.

I'll be back on Aim when I'm feeling better, but I am crappy company right now thanks to the headache, stomach ache, and general feeling of ugh.


Hey Jo!

If Spike wants to come and WHOOSH into the bathroom where Eve and Lilah are actually getting along? That would be fine. We got all the pertinent stuff down so he can drop in whenever.

[express] check the flow

Hi.... Ummm...

My Name is Faith, and umm.. I am a ho-bag.

OMG!! Amy!! I just read your Carly note to Connor, and I feel horrible that my gal is such a slut-bomb! She is gonna break his heart and then he gets to go home to that too! Poor Poor Connor...

stupid Hellmouth with it's sanity drain taking my gals control away.
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I've been kind of MIA for awhile due to my huge move so I figured it'd be pretty okay if I re-introduced myself.. especially since we have some new players running around here.

I'm Jessie, and I'll be playing your Drusilla. ^_^ I recently got a post up for Anne (I hope it's okay!) so hopefully I can get Dru back into the mix. If anyone has any plot ideas, suggestions, or whatever else.. feel free to hit me up. ;) I'm just happy to be playing here again after ALL this time..

Here's my contact information..

AIM: Miss Edith Mummy (sometimes I can be invisible)

Can't wait to play with you all! <3
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I've went back and read through the threads and from what I can tell, Connor has been hit by the van, but the Reillys and/or Connor have not approached Wolfram and Hart about the accident. He's had some dreams and Angel is the name he remembers from it. He is still very much with the mind wipe though.

I see that there is a Faith post open for Connor and I'll be happy to tag that, but if Christina could ping me on Im or email to let me know what was discussed about that meeting it would be awesome. <3

Anne mentioned that Darla was going to need her baby boy for her plot, so I'm very much on board for whatever Mom needs ;-p

I should be on AIM most of the rest of today and tonight because I'm working on bills and stuff for work. If anyone would like to grab me for plot ideas, go for it.

Chris has left some huge shoes to follow. I hope I don't disappoint. :)
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